Thursday, March 3, 2011

Current Concentration

                                                                        I'm Trapped
                                                                       I Have The Clue
                                                     You Must Be The Monopoly Guy
                                                                      I'm Not Sorry
                                                       You Didn't Sink My Battleship

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Current Work

                                                                     My Candyland
This piece was one of my favorites simply because it's a representation of what I loved as a child. I drew myself in my own Candyland and I am the person in charge of my very own gummy bear army. I used many colors but mostly pink in order to try a new approach since most people don't prefer to make pink the main color of an art piece.
                                                                       Blue Jellyfish
This is an analogous painting that show-cases jellyfish swimming about their normal routine. They don't realize that in the background the shadowy figure is a sea turtle which preys on jellyfish.
                                                                     In The Dream
This is my graphic novel about a dream I had.In the dream I go to a castle and get kidnapped by a weird human-like creature only to wake up and find out that it was all a dream.
                                                                     The Ring
This piece is done both in ebony pencil and prismacolor and is a conceptual piece. The ring is black or has no color and turns into a bunch of color birds. That image is a representation of the not existent into something full of life.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010



My concentration is about portraying my Aztec culture’s artistic nature. Aztec art deals with a lot of figures, designs and color, so I wanted to create pieces that signified an Aztec’s ritualistic background. Aztecs have a civilized yet beastly nature, so my concentration depicts the artistic side of the Aztec nature.
In my pieces I showcased the use of color, pattern, and Aztec warriors. In my pieces I used feathers with a lot of color, because during ceremonies Aztecs wore head-dresses full of feathers with many different colors. The use of patterns in my pieces demonstrate how Aztecs used a lot of design in their culture and religious background.
                                                                       Aztec Dancer

                                                                       Preparing Stance

                                                                   Ceremonial Dance

                                                                    The Little Ones

                                                                    Burning Culture



                                                                   Carnations Combine

                                                             Feathers in Movement

                                                               Ceremonial Dream-catcher

                                                              Aztec Feathers of Dance

                                                           The Calendar Represents


                                                                    Whimsical Land
I made this piece more abstract then most landscapes. The trees seem to come alive more because i gave the roots,branches, and trunks of the trees a more curvy look almost like hands.
                                                                   Stacked Emotions
The chairs stacked together represent a family full of people with completely different emotions and personalities. The reason that they're tumbled together is because they are fighting one another over personal issues.

                                                                Glass May Have Color

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Fatima Hernandez

Objective:                        To gain college acceptance and scholarships.
2007-Current                        Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual            
                                    Arts, Anticipated Graduation, June 2011
2008                                    Babysitting
2009                                    Garland Football Stadium, working in food court

2010                                          Frequency, Booker T. Washington Senior Show
      2010                            Texas Bound, Dallas Museum of Art
Savor Dallas, auctioned decorate table
                                    Booker T. Washington Painting Show
2009                            Booker T. Washington Mixed Media Show
                                    Booker T. Washington Painting Show
2008                                          VASE, Scores of 3 and 4
Booker T. Washington Mixed Media Show

       2010                           Haiti postcard, raising money for Haiti
                                          Valentine’s postcards, for soldiers in Iraq
2008                                         Kiest Park Easter Gathering, assistant